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The entire Tuna Factory's bay has several underwater cliff, walls that a few meters from the shore goes down to a depth of about 40 meters . Next to the Tuna factory there is one of these walls . In this case after having anchored on a plateau at about 9 meters deep the seabed slopes gently with areas of rock and sea grass , here we often encounter squid , octopus and moray eels. The entrance to the cave is at the base of a wall full of life and and is indicated by a rock completely encrusted with orange sponges . Inside the cave there is a large amount of red shrimps and often large redfish and mustelle expect on the bottom for eating shrimps that comes too close. After the cave diving continues up the wall to a step in about 30 mt depth the step ends few meters leading to another wall that allows us to go back from about -27 mt to -18 mt . on the same plateau where the boat is anchored .
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