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The cave get its name from the source of fresh water that is inside.
It'sa large cavity with the entrance at about 14mt right along the coastline, the cave after a not too wide inlet became a vast underground chamber, masses of the collapse on the bottom provide shelter for crabs, hermit crabs and Stenopus, divers are often lucky enough to meet magnosa, continuing the penetration passes near a den of Scarrea Umbra whom obviously run away among the rocks, just after you cross an Alocline generated from the meeting between spring water and the salty sea water. After the alocline, that creates a blurred vision, the water becomes crystal clear and very cold, we are in fresh water and this is also evidenced by the absolute lack of any kind of life on the rocks. Here you can surface in a huge room with breathing air full of stalactites and stalagmites.
The latest gift will make this beautiful cave is at the end of exploration with the reflections of deep blue that shows us the way out.