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Punta Negra is a small cape overlooking the Gulf of Macari behind St. Vito. The navigation to reach to the dive site runs along the entire Capo.Boat is moored  a few meters from the coast on a rocky bottom of about 5m. Divers move away towards the open sea through a shallow canyon where it is easy to find octopus's dens, after the canyon is the edge the lead to two steps first to 12mt. and after about 25m., Divers will keep the wall on the left while the depth increases, for divers with advanced license maximum planned depth is 40 meters. But Punta Negra is a dive very beautiful even without reaching the limits of recreational diving.
The walls of Punta Negra ( are more than one) are very spectacular and so beautifull that needs more then one dive to be visited, walls are perpendicular and the sea bed is beyond the limits of recreational diving. In the deepest part of the dive you can also see beautiful colonies of red fancorall.