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The dive takes place along a wall that goes from a maximum of 22-23 m depth to about 9 meters.
The boat is moored on a rock plateau  with the bottom at about 6 m., In this area often encountered small octopus that take shelter in the clefts of the rock, pulling stones and shells as a door. After a while you get to the end of the plateau falling on a sandy bottom.
The wall full of classic coralligenous concretions in the Mediterranean provides shelter to small lobsters and shellfish, easy to meet colorful nudibranchs ( watch the video ).
After getting out of the rocks not far away in search of young bream and snapper we are back on the main wall to the entry of a large and bright cavity: the Perciata Cave.
Perciata in Sicilian slang means "broken" and this is beacuse the roof of the cave has such and so many holes to make it almost unnecessary to use a torch. The walls are covered with sponges, astroides and yellow coral and the light coming through the roof provides fascinating light play to underwater photography.