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We'll moore the boat an a plateau near the coast, with a bottom of about 5 meters, swimming towards east, the depth increases significantly, a first step brings us to 12 meters (And here we sometimes meet young golden grouper) a second stop at about 25meters, then a third step.
Here is where the dive begins. We will cross a narrow sandy canyon that separates the rock mass behind us by another wall going towards south-east, this is the "Cow Passage". The top of the wall is about 30 meters, honestly I do not know the maximum depth. The walls are vertical, full of red sea fan, sometimes you can not count the lobsters encountered.
Lost old nets have become substrate to marine life, colonized by Clavelin and other seawater organisms, nets have been weighted under the calcification to become shelters and hiding places for fish that once were captured, a contradiction that I like.
Some big groupers fast hole up, raising a cloud of dust and in a luckyday you may even meet St. Peter's fish.
But aside from occasional encounters the wall is spectacular in itself. Colonies Paramuricee the carpet, big melon sea urchin attract our attention, there is no crevice that can not hide a surprise, but time is running out, the way back lead us to reasonable depth for the safety stop.
The "cows passage" is a great dive spot and often divers want to dive there again.