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Behind the Tower of Calampiso, the boat is anchored on a plateau at about 5m depth a few meters from the shore, some meters away from the coast the plateau ends with a sharp fall which leads to a bottom of 40mt, on this wall there are several carsic caves . The Cave of columns, at about 25m is one of them ( watch the video ).
This cave, shaped like a horseshoe, take the name from speleothems like column originated by the union of stalactites and stalagmites, in a time when obviously the cave was not submerged. The cave is a little muddy and full of red shrimps on the walls is easy meeting anothe kind of shrimp "Stenopus spinosus", and other life forms that shun the light.
Also on this wall a bit deeper, at about 35mt, there is another entrance, a cave also filled with shrimp that it ends after about ten yards, in this case must go back over in opposite to the outside light.

video by Alex