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In the Tonnara's Gulf a bit far away from the coast from a bottom of about 40/50mt this shoal rise up with its top at about 10 mt.depht. The shoal is huge and there are several paths you can follow for diving and all of them allow to encounter high concentration of life. Eels, congers, lobsters, crabs and shrimp in every hole. Groupers and snappers use to swim where the stream split on the shoal and suddely may appear jack fishes hunting some unlucky prey ( watch the video ). The Secca di Cala Rossa is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable dives in the area, marked by the ancient anchors of the old Tuna factory, in the deeper end are a couple of small caves where the shrimps are concentrated in large numbers.

Octopus in Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa 2019

Snapers in Cala Rossa