Bitte warten Sie ...


12/03/2019     Read: 1022

 There are things that we always do, repetitive, but really important. Repeating those things makes them seem obvious but we don't let ourselves be misled and we keep repeating them.
I'm speaking about diving management procedures. We always check the pressure of the cylinders, we always do the briefing, we always indicate the techniques of entry and exit from the water, the emergency procedures, the conventional signals, there is always the first aid kit and the oxygen kit on board .. ..... and many other things from the most to the least important.
Besides the necessary for a normal and correct management of the diving, we have always done something more, dedicated to the environment.
It is quite evident that not everybody has the same respect for the environment. I am not referring to industrial pollution, to global warming or greenhouse gases, those are global problems on which the action of the masses certainly has an important effect but that offer a poor feed-back, in the short time, to the whom has the right behavior , I refer to something more immediate, tangible and unfortunately obvius in our everyday life, we always collect waste in the sea.
It is a easy action that makes us feel better. It makes anyone feel better and help the sea, the nature and the environment around us.
On both the Rhibs we have places to deposit the collected waste and if during the dives we notice something too big or whose recovery at the moment is not possible for the safety of the divers or because it would take too long we plan a dive as soon as possible to recovery the object (fishing net, car battery, bike or whatever).
Fortunately the sea is strong but an extra hand never hurts!