Bitte warten Sie ...


27/01/2020     Read: 579

  Elisa & Lucio are two young lovers of the sea, of sailing, and of travelling. They decided to invest on these passions for their future.
“We’re two dive instructors with a peculiar style, refined throughout the years thanks to a deep knowledge of the tropical seas, a scientific approach, and an unconditional love for our Mediterranean.
We show explain and tell (sometimes too much!), before during and after every dive.
Scuba or freediving, to learn or to explore, you’ll dive personally with us using the facilities and the logistics of the most serious diving centers in our destinations, to offer you exclusivity and professionalism”.
The above comes from their website : where you can find much more information. Have a look if you are looking for a sailing and diving cruise in Sicily a bit far from ordinary.
Obviously, San Vito Lo Capo and the Under Hundred Diving Center are among the itineraries proposed by Sailing Bubbles...