Bitte warten Sie ...


30/03/2019     Read: 1467

 Kites give always a freedom feeling
Probably because they fly, maybe is the sky, maybe because it remind us when we were young.
  It's almost impossible don't have a look to whom make it fly, can be a child or an adult, we hope like him that the weightless tissiu get the wind, we smile when kite rise, we follow him up!
  Sometimes I do things as a child, even if I shouldn't, and get back to reality is always someway traumatic, but with kites do not run this risk, it is a moment of happiness without consequences.
San Vito lo Capo for the eleventh consecutive year, is planning a great event.
People from all around the world twill meet to show their creations, their skills, their dreams on the beautiful beach of St. Vito Lo Capo from May 16th to 19th . Get the time to awake the Peter Pan inside of you, come in Sicily !