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02/02/2019     Read: 922

 This morning facebook showed me a memory: February the 2nd, 2009 I was thinking that to detect a diving center in Sicily was not a good idea !!
It has been 10 years since that day, to be honest I don't remember I wrote it and obviously changed my mind because in April 2009 I was in Sicily.
It was not a rash choice, I was already in the diving industry since quite time to know what I was looking for and to evaluate the pros and cons, and I was very afraid to make mistakes. 9 years earlier I had returned to Italy buying 50% of a diving center in Sardinia. The result was so much dissatisfaction, many friends, some enemy (but apparently karma exists ...) and some decisions including: never partners again if not my wife!
But back to San Vito, it was May 2009 and I was sleeping in the diving center (18 square meters), late for the seasonal opening with a dozen cylinders some equipment and the compressor, nothink else.
the first dive I made was from the shore, then I bought a used rhib quite small, maximum 4 divers .....
Since then it's been 10 years, diving center has changed but sometimes I still sleep there, it makes me feel young! Not only the base has changed: 15 full equipment, 2 compressors for a capacity of 26000 liters/hour , 2 Rhibs from 7.40 mt .... every year allows me to improve and also the 2019 will bring surprises.
What has not changed is the way we care of guests,.
In ten years I discovered San Vito (before I had not even heard about ...), I learned about the sea in the area, I saw all the diving centers change management or quit the activity in the harbour.
In the average I dove 300 times per year (... yes I still log my dives) that means at least 3000 dives in the area and in the Zingaro Reserve.
Ten years is a long enough period, 20% of my life, almost half of my professional diving life (almost .....), San Vito has seen us grow and we have seen San Vito grow and of this I need and want to thank all those who have chosen us and continue to choose us.
In ten years I learned to love San Vito, with its beauties, its nature, its rhythms, its incongruities.
No place in the world is perfect but few are as close as San Vito Lo Capo to perfection.